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BERU Craftsmanship

Dedicated to producing exquisite jewelry, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of unique pieces and elaborate projects. Our versatility and experience has enabled us to meet the needs of jewelry stores nationwide, while staying immersed into the modern, cutting-edge designs and trends. 

Berj & Rudy


Twenty years prior to meeting in Los Angeles, Berj and Rudy independently developed their craft at a young age, being enriched and exposed to artistic expressions found throughout Europe and Asia. Their love and dedication for their work continued to evolve leading them to cross paths and form a partnership in Los Angeles. Combining their years of experience in the craft of jewelry making, they have established themselves as experts in the business, producing high-quality work and unique designs with impeccable craftsmanship.


Berj’s love for jewelry making and diamond setting began at an early age in Beirut, Lebanon, where he worked as a goldsmith and diamond setter. While lol, he  worked for a number of renowned jewelers catering jewelry to the Arab Royalty. 

After moving to Canada, he opened his first workshop at the age twenty-one where his versatility in the craft and technical mastery of diamond setting led him to work with a number of prominent Canadian retailers. Now based in Los Angeles, Berj continues to produce exceptional work while challenging himself to push boundaries in the competitive market of the U.S. 


On the other hand, Rudy’s career stemmed from his work as a goldsmith at the age of fourteen. Overtime, his mastery of the art led him to work for Istanbul's notorious jewelers in the famous Grand Bazaar district of Istanbul, Turkey. After cementing his reputation as a master jeweler, he yearned for growth and moved to Los Angeles where he began specializing in the design of fine jewelry. He notably worked to achieve creative designs using advanced 3D CAD software that now sets the business apart with his ingenuity. 

Together, these two men are making great strides across the jewelry industry and are only growing from here. 

BERU Workshop



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